​This is the same ducting after its final rinse.

This is some ducting in a two story restaurant.


This is a picture of a hood that was very overdue for service.

This is a picture of the bottom of an upblast exhaust fan. The reason why the bottom of this fan can be accessed is because a hinge kit had been installed. A hinge kit allows the fan to come up far enough to be accessible for cleaning

​This is that same exhaust fan after its final rinse.


Before and after pictures are available on request. We take before and after pictures so we can document each job. The pictures also help us keep track of each location and helps us decide the how often your system needs to be cleaned.

This is that same hood, now clean.

This is what that duct looked like after its final rinse. Not all ducting is this accessible. If your ducting goes off in different directions, access panels should be installed in order for the duct to be cleaned as best as possible.

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This is the bottom of that same fan after its final rinse.

This is a picture of some ducting in a one story restaurant. (The ducting is what runs between your hood and your exhaust fan on your roof. They can go in different directions and be different lengths depending on how your building was built.) In this picture you can see where some pre-scraping has been done.

This is a before picture of a standard upblast exhaust fan on a roof.